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TFO Tile Factory Outlet – Cheapest Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Tile Factory Outlet has fast become Sydney’s premier outlet for Kitchen Tiles. This outlet is easilyaccessible from Newcastle, Canberra and really any part of New South Wales.

Business Information:

Tile Factory Outlet (A.K.A TFO) regularly gets customers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and even Perth. Why? This is because TFO provides the best value tiles in Australia and even when you add the price for freight TFO is still miles ahead. Many look at outlets like this and say you get what you pay for.However this is not the case with TFO, visit today and they will show you that they have the best value tiles in Sydney.

Kitchen Tiles
Tile Factory Outlet specialises in great tiles many designed specifically with kitchens in mind and changing trends. As kitchens tend to be a focal point of most homes in Australia it is important to get the selection just right both for functionality and aesthetics. The staff at TFO is trained to help each customer achieve both these objectives, focusing on individual style preferences.
Kitchen Floor Tiles

A good kitchen floor tile should have the following characteristics.

  1. Chip resistancy as jars and cans often fall from the bench, pantry or fridge. It is important that the floor tile is resistant to chipping.
  2. Easy to Clean because a well-used kitchen has lots of food spills, which contain natural acid. Porcelain tiles are great for use on kitchen floors as they have a high resistance to chipping and staining.
Kitchen Splashback Tiles
The tile used on the wall between the kitchen bench top and overhead cupboards is called splashback tiles. Selecting the right kitchen splashback tiles is important as this area is at eye level and therefore becomes the focal point. Smaller tiles can make a splashback stand out but also make the kitchen look bland and optically smaller. Glass feature tiles could be used in this area to create interest and have that wow effect. By using larger sized tiles such as polished porcelains you can create a subtle look that creates a mirror finish making the kitchen look larger, brighter and easier to clean. Getting the balance should be done in consultation with the experts at TFO.
Kitchen Design Ideas
Even though the kitchen design is one of the most complex and challenging areas of the house few pay enough attention to it. The key to good kitchen design is combining the numerous materials being used such as kitchen cupboards and appliances and co-ordinating the kitchen splashback with the floor tiles and the rest of the flooring areas in the home. This is made easy by the many design ideas available at TFO.

Before making  your decision on which Kitchen Tiles to buy, make sure that you visit Tile Factory Outlet to compare prices, products and design concepts, or visit our online store at

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